Vegetable garden!

  1. Ingredients of this dino: 
  2. What's the lunch menu?
  3. Does George like tomatoes?
  4. Does Peppa like pizza?
  5. What's Grandpa Pig making in the salad?
  6. What's George favourite food from the menu?
  7. What's long and green in the garden?
  8. What vegetables are in the garden?
Ms. María



  1. What's in the shopping list?
  2. What's Peppa & George favourite food?
  3. Where is George?
  4. What's not in the shopping list?
  5. Name 6 fruits from the supermarket.
  6. Name 4 vegetables from the supermarket.


How To Draw Pizza Steve

I’m not sure how many more characters we’ll draw from Uncle Grandpa, but we had to learn how to draw Pizza Steve (by Art For Kids Hub):
Your creations!:
Well done!
Ms. María


Super Vitamins

  I am excited to share this preview of Super Vitamins. It is the first booktrailer of my 2nd graders. They have worked so hard; writing, investigating, designing and making their first book and booktrailer. This video highlights the book's themes of healthy food, power and friendship. 
  About the book: Super Vitamins is about that bad moment in each of our lives when we are sick... And a young Henry is presented with a group of special superheroes! This magical moment divides Henry’s life into a “before and after” and... 
Let's watch it!:


Short Films


The Competition:

La Luna:

Cosmic Scrat-Tastrophe:

Day & Night:


Fancy dresses! Who am I?

I am a girl. I wear a hat and boots. I am in a dessert. I can walk but I can't fly. I ride a horse. I like to say yehaaaaaa. Who am I?


Welcome winter

Godd morning,
In 2015, winter begins today at 11:48h. So, welcome winter!
What Does Winter Mean to You?
Ms. María


Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? Who are you?

Knock knock, [Pretend to knock on a door.]
trick or treat? [Trick-or-treat gesture.]
Who are you? [Shrug your shoulders and then point forward.] 
I'm a _____________. I'm a little _____________. [Point to yourself. _____________ gesture.]
Knock knock, trick or treat?
Who are you?
I'm a _____________. I'm a little _____________. 


Hallo-Wallo-Ween song!

Cast the whole family (even Mummy) in these catchy & hilarious animated videos!

 Ms. María